Enterprise Mobility

The era of “BYOD” (bring your own device) has evolved. Today, it’s less about mobile device management and more about increasing mobility across the enterprise to mutual advantage. Our enterprise mobility management services help organizations to protect and secure corporate data accessed on mobile devices while ensuring employees have the tools they need to work productively both on-premises and remotely.

Enterprise mobility strategy

Your organization is unique, making it important to develop an enterprise mobility strategy that addresses the way your team operates.

Unified endpoint management

Our enterprise mobility solutions offer centralized management covering all devices ranging from desktops and laptops to tablets, smartphones, and certain IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Mobile device management

What happens when a device reaches its end of life? Is lost or stolen? Our enterprise mobility services include mobile device management across the lifecycle of all devices, enabling you to encrypt data, troubleshoot, control, remotely wipe a device, and more.

Mobile application management

In addition to managing the actual hardware, our enterprise mobility services cover mobile application management so you can push applications to employee devices, apply security policies, remove applications and their corresponding data, and more.

Mobile information and content management

Mobile information and content management ensures your team has access to critical information and content stored in cloud-based databases and remotely accessible sites according to predetermined security policies and permissions.

Mobile identity management

Our mobile identity management services enforce policies to ensure that only authorized users and trusted device have access to your networks, applications, and data.

Protecting enterprise data is a top priority, but it’s not the only goal of our enterprise mobility solutions. Our framework enables your workforce to work more effectively whether onsite or working remotely. Contact us today to discuss your enterprise mobility challenges.